Cincinnati STEM Partnership 

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Ohio STEM Learning Network

Hughes STEM High School     


Business Higher Education Forum's Strategic Ed Solutions
The Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) is pleased to announce the launch of, a new Web-based resource center for education and philanthropy leaders who want to make effective, high-impact investments in education. The site provides strategies, tools, and successful programs and an interactive forum for leaders and practitioners to share best practices. is part of BHEF’s College Readiness Initiative.

Business Roundtable
With a laser focus on public policy advocacy tied to economic growth and job creation, the Roundtable website offers public policy statements, white papers and reports that create an urgency for STEM literacy in the 21st century. Learn more
Tapping America's Potential: The Education for Innovation Initiative July 2005
Tapping America's Potential: The Education for Innovation Initiative - Gaining Momentum, Losing Ground July 2008

College Board
This site provides resources for parents and students including planning, applying and paying for college. It also offers a broad set of resources for education professionals. Learn more

National Governors Association
This site features a number of STEM supported programs/centers throughout the country. Learn More


Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
This scholarship, offered to institutions of higher education by the National Science Foundation, provides funds to encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-12 educators. Learn more

STEM Education Coalition
The STEM Coalition site provides a list of national advocates from various organizations, departments and institutions who support STEM education programs for teachers and students. Learn more 

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Institute
This site, operated by the University of Massachusetts, features a number of STEM seminars and educator resources. Learn more 

The National Science Digital Library
Created by the National Science Foundation, this site provides numerous high-quality resources and tools that support STEM teaching and learning. Learn more

ThinkTV - Think Education
This website offers a variety of creative, powerful instructional classroom tools including media-on-demand, multimedia materials, and professional development opportunities . Learn more

U.S. Department of Education
This website offers a variety of resources for students, parents, teacher and administrators. Resources on the site cover a wide range of topics from school preparedness and college readiness to lesson planning and improving teacher quality. Learn more

U.S. Department of Energy
This site provides energy resources for consumers, researchers, educators and employees as well as scholarship, internship and energy learning sites for students. Learn more


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